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The importance of network connection is huge, the electronic genre EDM is one of the greatest examples. The genre started before it got coined EDM obviously but the generalization that was made just like the word techno came from an internet fourm.

A group of producers like but not exactly Steve Aoki, Steve Angello, Alesso and Knife Party (not sure who the specific ones were) all were giving each other tips and criticisms on each others music then decided to start an internet marketing plan for all their music. The spread of music started or at least reached me when the dubstep sound of Skrillex started to hit North America. This spread along with the other artists like Borgore, Flux Pavilion and Datskik. It mainly grew on the internet before the labels got a hold of it and created EDM. The popularity was more underground but was hitting the globe. Lables initially thought it was just a bubble but with the strong internet presence.
Acts like Deadmau5 have created a online hub of fan and business using twitter and Facebook. Fans and businesses these days have come to expect an online profile/personality.